Senior Living Gives Seniors and Adult Children Peace of Mind

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Children — even adult children — turn to their parents for support. They see their parents as caregivers, and it’s often a surprise when the roles become reversed. Seemingly out of the blue, sons and daughters notice their parents slowing down. They may even worry about their parents living in a house by themselves. Senior parents, though, almost always want to maintain their independence. Senior living is a smart solution to satisfy both parties.

Senior Living for You and Your Parents

Many retirement communities are designed to provide the independent lifestyle active seniors want and offer higher levels of care if they need it. The support is available but isn’t a part of seniors’ lives until they need it.

Why Senior Living Is  Good for Your Parents

  1.     An Active Lifestyle with More Freedom

Retirement communities allow seniors to live without the hassle and frustrations of home maintenance. Enriching activities, wellness programs, and interesting classes help seniors stay active and healthy and explore more of their interests. Community living offers older adults the opportunity to find more joy in their retirement years.

  1.     A Plan for Future Health Care

If a senior selects a Life Plan Community, they’ll give themselves — and their children — greater peace of mind because they’ll already have convenient access to higher levels of care if they need it. With assisted living, memory care, skilled  nursing and more, residents can remain on the familiar senior living campus even if their health needs change. 

  1.     A Wide Array of Residence Choices

Seniors have varied opinions about downsizing their residence. That’s why senior living communities offer myriad living options. With a campus full of amenities around them, seniors can decide to lighten their load and downsize to a one-bedroom apartment. Or they can choose a villa or cottage for more space and seclusion. There are no wrong answers — just what’s right for the new resident.

Why Senior Living Communities Are Good for Adult Children, Too

  1.     You’ll Know They’re Safe

According to the CDC, 25% of seniors fall each year, but only half will report it to their doctor. At a senior living community, older adults don’t have to strain themselves with yardwork or home maintenance, protecting them from unnecessary accidents. Communities are specifically designed to minimize the risk of tripping. And if a senior does fall at a community, trained team members and supportive neighbors will be close by to help.

  1.     You’ll Know They’re Socializing and Having Fun

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report that one-fourth of adults age 65 or older are considered socially isolated. At senior living communities, residents can make new friends on campus, socialize any time and participate in enrichment programming. They can still enjoy the companionship and support of their lifelong loved ones, while adding friendly team members and interesting neighbors.

Start the Discussion About Senior Living

Seniors and their adult children should discuss a move to a senior living community with openness, patience and genuine affection. Even when moving leads to new and vibrant opportunities, it’s always a big decision, and leaving a long-time residence can evoke a lot of strong emotions. Be patient with each other.

If you’re ready to explore your senior living options, our helpful tool can help you find high-quality communities in your area.